Miniature Highlander for Sale

Do you and your family feel that something is missing? Perhaps you are considering adding a fluffy new friend to the family, but you want to experience something different than a standard dog or cat. Or maybe one of your family members has an allergy that you need to take into consideration. No matter the reason, consider buying a mini Highlander as a pet.

La Petite Miniature Cattle breeds adorable miniature cattle, and we have them ready and available for you to take home today. Continue reading below to learn more about what a miniature Highlander can bring to the table for your family.

Why Choose a Miniature Cow?

Mini cattle are great pets for you and your family. These fluffy little guys are great companions, easy to care for if you have the land, highly intelligent, and they are affectionate toward humans. Furthermore, miniature Highlanders are cleaner than traditional domestic pets.

When you decide to add a mini Highlander to your family, you can rest assured that you will receive all that you are looking for and more in a loving pet.

View our selection of miniature Highlanders below. If you have questions about mini cattle as pets, reach out to us today by calling (308) 882-0311 or (308) 882-8386. You can also fill out the contact form at the bottom of our home page.